The newly installed system “FARMUP®”, is an epochal system that manualized the agricultural technology of farmers, and packaged the process from adjusting agricultural lands, to funding, cultivating, distributing, and selling. It can be used by individuals and by companies.

Land & Business Planning Support

We will provide support for reserving of land, researching location, and business strategy. With FARMUP®, an efficient and low costing operation is possible, with plans for initial investment of 80 million yen, return of investment in 7~8 years with about 3,000㎡ of land.

Cultivation System Maintenance

Owing to standardized unit cultivation system, it has become possible for even those inexperienced to produce high quality crops. We also have a service for sending our production technician to various locations and hold seminars where they will coach with their know-how.

Harvesting Support (In Preparation)

Besides offering know-how regarding production of agricultural crops, it is possible to utilize agricultural equipment stacked with state-of-the-art technology. By sharing FARMUP® equipment with operators, cost of equipment can be minimized.

Distribution & Sales System

Even if high quality crops are produced, it is not easy to distribute them accordingly with a suitable price. Crops produced in stable quality by FARMUP®, will receive support from Ginza Noen’s sales agency, and furthermore will be able to sell directly at a Marche.


Our “high sugar content tomato”, which enjoys high praise in both domestic and international markets, is FARMUP®’s main crop. We offer it as a unit system with under 80 million yen per 3000㎡, using hydro membrane agricultural method. This system makes possible to stably produce a highly valued crop at “low cost” and “low risk”.


We will keep expanding in variety of high quality crops, from our main high sugar content tomato that were presented as a gift to the queen of Thailand, to our globally popular pear, to tourist strawberry fields.