Greenhouse set up on 1,000m2 agricultural land in the Kranji area in northern Singapore, after establishing a company there in 2012. We cultivated high sugar content tomatoes that have around 10 degrees sugar content. We gained attention through media such as television and newspapers as “tomatoes grown with Japanese technology”.
D'Kranji Farm Resort


This project started when GINZA NOEN presented tomatoes to Queen Chulabhorn in Thailand as a gift. We plan to partner up with National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) and cultivate high sugar content tomatoes and Japanese strawberries grown with “cooling style greenhouse”, the first in Asia’s commercial base.
Chiang Mai


Local Research Business

USA : San Francisco, New York. Turkey : Istanbul. France : Paris

Local Promotion Business

Canada : Vancouver. Singapore, Thailand : Bangkok. Vietnam : Ho Chi Minh. Myanmar : Yangon